The Company

At Perfect Stitch Embroidery, Screenprinting, & Promotions experience matters. The company has been providing the community with superior products for 20 years.

Incorporated in 1994, our staff has the experience you can count on. We pride ourselves in quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.

We are a full service embroidery shop that has the equipment to handle your orders, big or small. We also offer screenprinting and promotional products. No need to call multiple contacts for embroidery, screenprinting, or promotional products...we can handle it all!

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Our Machines

At Perfect Stitch Embroidery, Screenprinting, & Promotions we operate four embroidery machines with a total of 31 heads. This means that at any one time we could be running four different designs, on a total of 31 different garments. All four machines can be used to embroider both hats and flats, however we primarily keep them set-up to do one or the other.

flat head machine

The Flat Machine:

This machine has 12 heads with 12 needles each. This allows it to run the same design on 12 garments and up to 12 thread colors at the same time. As the name suggests, it is primarily used to run flats (clothing, towels, bags, etc.).

hat machine

The Hat Machine:

This machine also has 12 heads, but each head only has 9 needles instead of twelve. This allows it to run the same design on up to 12 different hats, with up to 9 different colors all at the same time. And as the name suggests this machine is primarily used to run hats, but can be converted to run flats as well.

six head machine

The Six Head:

As you may have guessed, this machine has only six heads, each with 12 needles. We typically use the Six Head to run hat or flat orders of 2 - 11 pieces each.

Single Head

The Single Head:

This machine consists of one head with 15 needles, and is used to work on orders where only one garment is getting any given design. It is kept busy most often with orders calling for individual names and/or team numbers.


Mission Statement

Our vision at Perfect Stitch Embroidery, Screenprinting, & Promotions is to provide quality embroidery at reasonable prices. We believe our employees are part of a team that works together to ensure this vision. We want all our employees to enjoy their positions here at Perfect Stitch Embroidery, Screenprinting, & Promotions, and we work hard to accommodate their personal needs. We believe working together in a positive atmosphere, ensures high quality production and a safe, friendly work environment.